Nairobi to Mombasa by bus? Surprise suprise!

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October 6, 2015
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October 6, 2015
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Nairobi to Mombasa by bus? Surprise suprise!

South Coast Kenya

Taking a road trip through Kenya by bus is a great way to explore its iconic destinations, breathtaking scenery, and a metropolitan culture. However, what makes the journey truly interesting are the annoying travelling habits that are synonymous with Kenyans.

Being the spontaneous person I am, I decided it was a good idea to hop on a bus on a Friday in a quest to enjoy the sunny beaches of Mombasa and the rich Swahili foods.  As usual, I had to book my ticket online through in order to avoid the long queues or vexing delays that could curtail my impromptu adventure.

The ever-reliable Booknow secured me a luxurious seat by the window, and everything was set for an epic weekend experience. However, I witnessed some habits that made travelling Kenyan style either an interesting or an annoying experience.

One intolerable habit that was hard to ignore was the unwelcomed flirting that women endure during the long journey. Some men have the misguided notion that any woman who is seated beside them is a potential wife. It is common to hear corny pickup lines that would make Johnny Bravo look classy.

I was also unimpressed when people constantly stopped the bus to relieve themselves. Forget global warming, I believe that this is the biggest threat for the Kenyan environment. Finally, it was interesting to note that some passengers love the sound of their voices more than our shameless politicians do. I had to withstand a long conversation about a cheating husband and my forced eavesdropping made me an expert in relationships.

I think I could give Maina Kageni a run for his money. All in all, the journey was amazing and Mombasa never disappoints. I can’t wait to make the same journey on Sunday night so that I can complain all over again about Kenyan travelling habits.

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