I have asked the same question to myself and several travellers I have interacted with during my travels.

The one thing that I concluded is that travel, and the reasons for it, cannot be tied into a single, simple explanation. Some people travel for leisure, some for work, and others travel for self-preservation. Whichever the reason for traveling, it is obvious that it is a crucial part of human life.

Travelling across sub Saharan Africa evokes alot of memories, emotions and soul searching. East Africa by it’s own right is a melting point of cultures, traditions, urban and rural livelihoods and experiences. Nothing can aptly document the experience for another. It can only be an individual’s journey. From the food, to the sights and sounds, the people and experiences, it can only be experienced, not told.

Given that I am a full time traveller, my goal is to show you that you can travel, on your own or as a group, safely, easily, and adventurously. I hope that you will come along for this and futuer rides, as I share my knowledge, experiences, weird moments, joys, let downs and insights while on travel around East Africa!

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